The Importance of Speaking Your Truth

We get this one life, this one body and this one voice.

Only you have your voice. Only you have your gifts. Only you have your heart. You get to share with the world, all of that. What a disservice it would be to hide in the background of our lives. I feel like I’m talking to a mirror, because this has been quite the struggle for me, in different parts of my life. Every time I relearn this lesson; to speak my truth, I am blown away.

First, let’s discuss how much holding back what you have to say hurts you and your growth. Have you ever really wanted to say something to someone and instead of speaking you shut your mouth and kept it all to yourself? Think about how this made you feel. You might have even had regrets of not saying what you wanted. What if you could have inspired someone with the words you held back? When we hold back blocks in our energy appear. Obviously in relationships we have to share, but when that doubt comes back up and we close off to what we could have or should have said we start to hold back in our relationships and in many other unnoticeable areas of our lives, and this is when pain is created, in the body, your mind, and your life.

Have you ever told yourself “I’m just gonna close myself off and not share because I might say the wrong thing or make someone uncomfortable.” I did this what felt like my whole life. This is personal to me but I am happy to share because this was something I really struggled with. You see I haven’t always been this open. When I was growing up I had two parents who were keeping a very big secret from everyone. They were struggling with alcoholism and I was struggling trying to understand why my family was so dysfunctional and why we had so many secrets. I loved them, and still do even though we could not stay in each others lives I have accepted this was not fair and I always deserved to speak my truth even if it was not my disease I held it like it was my secret to keep. The only one I talked to about it was my brother until I was 17 years old, I finally fell apart at the seems. The abuse I endured and the neglect all poured out of me. The secret I kept for all that time bursted out of me, and in not such pretty ways. As soon as I opened up, my healing began. Everything started making sense finally, and even though it was messy I was so grateful I could finally speak of what was hurting me for so long. Part of me thinks my parents couldn’t handle my truth because they were still in denial about how much this really affected my brother and I as children. I had to learn the heartbreaking way that speaking up for myself was more important than holding on to a broken relationship that they didn’t think needed fixing. When you do something out of love, you’re never wrong. I can love them from a distance but I couldn’t go one more day of not loving myself in that way of keeping quite.

We have a right to freedom of speech, but if we do not let ourselves have the permission to speak our truth in the first place we lose ourselves. I’ve learned that when you do start standing in your truth it makes people uncomfortable but you’re not here to make anyone comfortable. I had to learn this and from conditioning I still am learning. This world isn’t always going to be sweet like honey but when we stop saying the things our soul wants and needs we are neglecting our selves and our dreams.

The people who aren’t meant to be apart of your journey will slowly or maybe rapidly fade away when you stand in your truth. This even happened to me recently when I decided I wanted to share my healing experiences and make a purpose out of it a lot of friends faded out very intensely and I think that’s what set me back for a little even because I was so afraid to be real with them how the fuck was I going to share this with the world? I had to take a look at why I was doing this all in the first place. FOR ME. Because this is what I’m passionate about even if no one understands, it’s not for them. I stopped needing the validation because I wasn’t doing it for anyone else but myself and that’s when it felt like a fire was roaring inside I couldn’t tame it and I cut people out who made it harder for me to stand in my truth, passion and purpose. If I would have been being myself the whole time maybe they wouldn’t have thought all my energy and chakra healing and all that woo woo would be so weird to them. Honestly I’m glad that I lost those friends because I never felt supported by them and when I opened up to new relationships and the supportive ones I did have, I became myself more and more and more. Support will come and it will be better then you ever had when you weren’t truly being yourself.

We are all born with a purpose, and with a passion. Most don’t rise above the norm, but we are in a different era. The norm is not the norm anymore and your going to repel some people when you embody your full purpose but we have an opportunity to connect with more people who do get us. Don’t be afraid to find your people, it’s scary but there’s nothing like a glow you get from standing in your full radiating power and being supported and loved in it.

I believe we are all born with creativity, but as we get older we learn to shut our creativity off and try to “fit in” with everyone else. Lets put that to rest! It all starts with you. Speak your truth, no one else has your voice and the world needs to hear what you have to say.

Thank you for reading if you’d like to connect don’t be shy maybe we are apart of each other’s tribe.

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