6 Ways to Create the Life You’re Dreaming of

It takes one decision. One step in the right direction, one leap and you could be right on your way to cultivating and creating the life you’ve always wanted. I remember a few years ago I would say “maybe next lifetime ….” Maybe in the future those things will be possible the big house, the dream car but not now. Man, I’m glad my beliefs have extremely changed around this. I now KNOW I get to have the life I’ve always dreamed of. The material things, the love, the vacations all of it is yours as soon as you are ready to take that step in the right direction. It definitely doesn’t happen all at once, but little by little you look back and you see all of these hurdles, hills and mountains you’ve not only climbed but MOVED.

A year ago I was at a job I hated. I was surrounded by people I felt alone with. I felt like crap physically, mentally and emotionally. Finally when I had enough suffering I realized my mind and my frequency was attracting all of these awful circumstances and I had enough. I had to turn inward and listen to every thing I needed and finally stop neglecting myself. Aside from taking care of yourself there were six things that sent me into a portal of transformation.

1. Be grateful for where you are! Where ever you are, celebrating yourself is a sure way to get you even further. Simple. When you are grateful for what you have, what you want gravitates towards you. Notice the good things you do have in your life and be grateful for those things that bring you happiness and joy. Be intentional about being present. You are living this life right now and although you may be ready for bigger things those things won’t come to you out of pure desire. You must align with those things you want. What better way to raise your vibration to those desires than gratitude for what you do have, for where you are and where you are excited to go.

2. Stop giving yourself limitations. Dream big. The biggest, boldest, baddest dreams you can think of and don’t let yourself or anyone else for that matter limit you. I believe as a society we are conditioned to sub consciously limit ourselves, the ceiling is the limit. Whether it be because of money, time, work or simply being programmed to not let ourselves have anything we want these are all limiting beliefs. So the way we stop limiting ourselves if it has been a repeated pattern in our life is switching the belief. Every time you think ahhhhh maybe I can’t have this or that or take this expensive vacation or move across the country shift the thought. This will take time and a lot of patience with yourself. After all you are relearning something that was I graced in you probably as a child. That’s where my limiting beliefs came from especially around money. My parents used to fight about money, and they would always talk about the lack. I decided money was awful and I repelled it away from me it seemed most of my life, until I switched my belief. I love money, money is good, money brings solutions and boom I no longer have those limiting and yuck feelings around money. Usually when we hold ourselves back it’s not because we are scared we will fail but sometimes we are afraid how far we will go, how high we will climb and how much impact but when we change our limiting thoughts around fearing the bigness we then are able to get excited for the bigness!

3. Take off your judgey pants. This has been a huge mountain for me. Surprisingly not towards others but myself. Before I would post something I would be like “ this is ridiculous, you’re a weirdo and people are gonna hate on you for it” all of the negative self talk kept me from taking action. I stood in place scared to make a move watching everyone else go after their dreams. Finally I took off my judgey pants, I fell back in love with my goofy mannerisms in stead of hiding them like I had been. When I stopped judging myself my relationships started shifting, I was feeling supported and loved for who I was which I had been struggling with the past year because I thought everyone was watching and judging every move I made when in reality I was the only one doing it to myself. What a shame, I was hiding all these parts that the people I have in my life love the most and honor the most about me. Let’s be honest when you are at the end of your lifetime you aren’t going to look back and say “ahhhh I shouldn’t have said that” “I should have toned it down a little” “I should have been a little less”. NO NO NO. At the end of our lifetimes we will be saying “I’m so grateful I trusted myself” “I’m so happy I took the leap” “Thank you for the ones that loved me for exactly who I am”. This was the realization that switched everything for me. Live, and let live. Let people live the life they want and in return you better be living the life of your dreams!

4. Receive support. This one is so important and I cannot stress it enough. It really does take an army. Don’t be afraid to accept support, especially when people are there willing. This has been the foundation to the work I’ve done. When things got rocky, I knew where to go to be held and I always was. This can be in the form of a mentor, coach, friend, family, partner and it’s important that they support you in ways you feel supported.

5. Figure out what the fuck you want. Take action towards it. This step is important and a lot of people forget it surprisingly. I did for years. When I finally asked myself what I wanted again I had no clue because I hadn’t assessed that question in years. Some people think it’s more about being grateful for what we do have. Which I agree with but that’s only part of it if you want to live a life you absolutely love you must figure out what you want and take action towards it. You will always be shifting your wants and that’s more than okay. We must train ourselves to let ourselves have what we want. As a kid I saw my parents always giving to everyone and never giving back to themselves. They were constantly pouring from an empty cup and eventually the ones that suffered from this mentality were themselves and their family. It’s not noble to take care of everyone else and not yourself. If that’s a story you tell yourself, with love I would look at that. You may be the biggest sweetest hearted person but if you don’t give back to yourself you eventually will grow resentful, so please go after what you want.

6. Embody it. Own it. This one speaks for itself. You are embodying the life you’ve been dreaming of. You made it and now all you have to do is own it!

Published by divingdeepwithdd

Artist & Healer & Coach Expression and Healing physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually and every where in between is my life's mission. I am a guide/mentor, here to help anyone who is ready to create the life of their dreams. Are you ready for some high vibes, look out world here we come. I am excited to share my art and healing with you all! Always up for a conversation lets dive even deeper! email: divingdeepwithdd@gmail.com

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