How to Start Your Own Meditation Practice or Go Deeper on the One You Already Have

Meditation used to be something I said I would never do. Thank goodness that changed because meditation has truly transformed my life.

What could meditation do for you? Or what has it maybe already done?

I started meditating about 9 years ago, few years out of high school with stress levels that were continuously high and emotions that felt honestly, explosive. Truthfully I was even having suicidal thoughts mixed with anxiety attacks and I truly didn’t know who to turn to. Everyone just kept saying “live with it”. I was going crazy, my thoughts felt dangerous and the more time that passed the harder it was to talk about the awful pain I was experiencing daily.

Time was passing and I didn’t feel like it was getting better, like I was getting better…

Meditation continued to pop up on my YouTube and I thought what do I have to lose.

Immediately I felt better after one guided meditation. This shocked me and it has grown more and more ever since.

If you are ready to start a meditation practice or if you want to go deeper on the one you have here are a few tips of mine and how I started my practice.

Comfort. This is so crucial. Have a comfortable place to become still and relaxed. I have heard it’s not the best to meditate in bed but I don’t follow that. I say meditate literally anywhere you are comfortable. The key is not to fall asleep, focus on your breathe. Honestly it’s ok if you do fall asleep though. Your subconscious is still listening. Sometimes I do a meditation before bed and it guides me into a peaceful sleep every time. Typically laying down on a mat, or on the floor creates a nice straight spine but again, do it if you’re comfortable. Sitting up didn’t always work for me but now I love sitting up and using a meditation cushion. Adding bolsters and props might bring even more comfort if you have them.

Second tip; relax and don’t judge whether you’re doing it right or not. Meditating is difficult at first because it’s easy to expect something or wait for a certain feeling and it’s just not like that. Every time you meditate it will be different. Sometimes it will be easy to breath and feel peaceful, sometimes an answer to a question you had comes but it’s always different. When we expect it takes away from our awareness. Just let it happen. Don’t judge yourself. You may hear guidance, or you may visualize a field of wild flowers. Or you may even just see darkness, that’s ok too. Every time will be different and the more you do it the more you will get out of it, trust me.

Location. Starting out it’s a beautiful thing to have a place to go to tap in to the power of meditation. Creating a place that is your own sacred area will keep you coming back in my opinion. I still love using my sacred space but I meditate everywhere now. My favorite is outside. The sun is so activating when you first wake up and meditate. Do this anywhere you’d like. Make it your own. Always make sure you are somewhere safe where you will not be disturbed.

When my mind is at peace, the way is clear.

Choose the style. I started out with short ten minute guided meditations on YouTube. The more I got into it the more I realized there are tons of different styles to meditate I probably still haven’t tried them all. The basic sound options I rotate through are; binaural beats and frequencies, guided, affirmations, and hypnotherapy. Binaural beats and frequencies have no voice, but use brainwave activity to help you relax and tap into meditation easily and effectively. Guided is still one of my favorites, a voice to focus on is relaxing to myself. I suggest this one to start with because it is easy to keep the focus on what ever guided meditation you have chosen. Affirmations are simple and direct. Listen to the affirmation and repeat it in your head to yourself with emotion backing the words you are saying. This form of meditation can be really powerful. Hypnotherapy last but not least, is where you go even deeper into the subconscious. I have found it to be extremely healing and very effective. It’s not like they convey on the movies, you don’t lose control and turn into a crazy animal. You have total control and all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

There are so many benefits and positivity meditation helps with but if you truly are interested in starting a practice just do it! It is very rewarding right away and long term especially. A few ideas to get you started; look up meditations on YouTube (any style that I listed above) and you can focus on success, wealth, happiness, love, positivity, healing, and anything you would like help strengthening your mindset with.

Watch your wildest dreams of health, wealth and happiness come true!

If you have never meditated I challenge you to try it, what do you have to lose? Your life can transform, at the least you will find relaxation. We are in stressful times and finding healthy ways to cope in the uncertainty is more important than ever! Sending you all love, stay high vibing.

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