Four Steps to Start Creating ANYTHING

Some are born creators. They create masterpieces out of thin air. As children, I believe we are all creative and then as we get older we have to push down the creative flow and start “getting serious”. I envy those who have never lost their creativity but I am very grateful to have a process to always tune back into my creativity. I am so happy to share them with you guys so we will get right to it!

Blocks be gone, creation come through. Here are four steps in order that I tap into while facing a wall in creating.

Inspiration is where it all begins. This is where the magic starts and all of the creativity is formed here, in my opinion! Inspiration is interesting because it is different for EVERYONE. What inspires you and gets you in your creative flow might not be what gets another flowing. Do what gets you into that fully expressed state! It could be dancing, and moving your body in all the sweet ways. Some find inspiration from the things happening in their lives and around them. My all time favorite way to get inspired is honestly meditating. My mind is vivid world and when I tap into its power I always come back with more creative energy and inspiration to create what ever the fuck I want!

Dedication is the next essential step to bringing your creations to life in this world. If all we ever did was step one we would get absolutely no where, like I did for a few years of creating. We all go through it as artists and creators but how you keep going is going to bring your work success. Dedication to growing and to keep going even if you need to take a break is everything. I’m being honest when I say you might not always have the motivation and drive but when your dedication is stronger you will create magic. In time you will see your work grow, or in no time it’s all about your dedication.

Believe in yourself is the next key ingredient. I’m not going to lie, this has been a huge issue for me and the reason a lot of my creations have stayed on the back burner. The more you practice anything you get better, same with believing in yourself. It feels uncomfortable at first and you may just want to push through, but tapping into why you are doing what you are doing and why you are completely capable of creating this into the world. Our ideas choose us for a reason. They come to us because we can and will make it happen. Giving up on our dreams isn’t going to cut it. Tune into why that self worth is so low. You deserve to see the best in yourself, we all do. Self worth will change our business’, our homes, our relationships and our lives. Believing in yourself will back you every time, promise.

Action. Last but not least, YOU GOTTA TAKE ACTION. Not just any action, but aligned action. If you are getting stuck on this last step you are either feeling a bit stuck in taking action, or you’re doing A LOT but it’s all over the place and there is no intention behind the actions. Compulsive work is yuck in my opinion. I don’t always take action, I take action when it feels right and in alignment. If you are pushing and forcing it doesn’t feel good. We must learn the balance of rest and work but when it is time to take action we are full and ready to be in our highest light to create and serve.

For years I felt stuck. If you guys are here, I see you, I feel you. You got this.

Sometimes you will have all of the energy to create, other times you might feel stuck for what feels like forever but you are never stuck. Don’t let any block have control or power over you. You are a creator. Take your power back!

I hope you enjoy these tips to getting into a state of flow. If you’ve read this far I want to share my secret for tapping into my creativity and letting my creations come to life in this physical world. My secret is chakras. Start at the root, up to the crown and come back down again to root. The energy will flow through you to connect you to your highest creative potential!

This will be part of my 1:1 coaching offer coming out in December! If you’re interested in going deeper look out for more details coming soon!!

Sending love beautiful beings.

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