Having a Creative Block? Here’s 5 Ways to Shake it

As an artist I have been blocked creatively many times. It’s annoying but it is possible to shake this and sometimes it can be a lot easier than we think.

Relax. Taking a step back to slow down seems counterproductive but it can actually be just the things you need to push you forward. Take it from me, some of my best ideas and inspiration come when I feel relaxed usually during meditation or even when I’m just enjoying a beautiful view in nature: like now for example I am writing while it’s pouring rain outside(my favorite). Let the creativity flow.

Dance and free you body with your mind. Let go of judgement and just dance. You will be surprised with how much energy can shift when you move your body. If you aren’t into dancing, even working out or any physical activity will get that energy flowing!

Read when you want to find inspiration. Let your mind be filled with knowledge and imagination. Reading stimulates our minds, watching tv can usually make me feel even more stuck but reading always gets me in flow.

What ever you are doing, make it fun. When we allow ourselves to have fun, we get back into flow. Fun and excitement can be the ingredients that make anything better but it can also be a great way to let the ideas and creativity start to expand.

Last way to get out of that creative block is balance your sacral chakra. This one may be a little woo woo for some but if you are into chakras you know how powerful they can be, especially when it comes to unblocking and releasing what is no longer serving us. My favorite way to work with chakras is through meditation and sound frequency healing. You will instantly feel a passion to create again.

What you create and bring into the world matters. Blocks suck, so if you have been blocked I hope this helped to get you back into creation mode!

Thank you for checking out my blog, hope you have a beautiful day!!

Published by divingdeepwithdd

Artist & Healer & Coach Expression and Healing physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually and every where in between is my life's mission. I am a guide/mentor, here to help anyone who is ready to create the life of their dreams. Are you ready for some high vibes, look out world here we come. I am excited to share my art and healing with you all! Always up for a conversation lets dive even deeper! email: divingdeepwithdd@gmail.com

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