How to relieve tension naturally, put down the ibuprofen

When our bodies are holding tension even the simplest tasks seem hard because of the heaviness. I believe we are not meant to live day to day with tension.

I watched my parents numb themselves with alcohol most of my life and when I got older I saw myself leaning on numbing the pain.

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For years, that was my reality. Push through the pain. “Maybe it will go away on its own or maybe I will just get used to it”… this isn’t the way it has to be.

Pain had been easy to “cope” through until all the stuff I was pushing under the rug made me feel it, and boy did I regret ignoring that tension all those years. I won’t go into the full details but I knew something had to change, I finally said enough is enough.

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We get to take care of our health, we get to take time for ourselves to process stress, but these are all choices. I hope you choose you over the job, I hope you choose you over the pain of caring that story, and I hope you realize you are worthy no matter where you are and how you feel.

You deserve to feel good, so if you’re decision is to release tension I hope these tips help!!!

First things first, your current state of mind will reflect in your body. Get your mind right, what ever that may mean to you! Meditation/ calming the nervous system is the most important part of my routine honestly. My mind usually is against me, so I have learned to program it to work for me instead. This helps in all situations I used to feel tense in, such as social interactions even. The body can achieve what the mind believes.

During that period in my life where tension was an everyday thing and my pain from the injury was chronic I would lean on essential oils to relieve stress. This felt way better than taking another pain pill. My favorite oils to relieve tension have to be tea tree, peppermint and lavender. The more pure the oil the better they work, just a heads up. Even just a drop or two will do the trick almost instantly.

Heat/ sauna is the next golden nugget. This one surprises me every time, how good it feels to just sit there and let all the heat soak up all the stress… ahhhhh bliss. I first discovered this when I had been getting back into fitness and that also releases a lot of tension in the body. I was in a hot yoga room and my body started popping in places that had felt stiff for years. Be cautious with this one always make sure to be hydrated and NEVER push your body further than it is able to go. When more tension releases your endurance and flexibility will inevitably increase over time. Enjoy the release, but don’t over do it! Feels so good getting all those toxins out making room for good energy.

Massages / acupuncture definitely one of my favorite ways to de-stress. Acupuncture helped me heal a block I had in my wrist from my first job, only 21 years old with tendentious (it’s similar to carpal tunnel) I was miserable with that constant pain and I tried EVERYTHING. Acupuncture was the last thing I expected to work, at the time and I am so so so grateful I tried it.

Jade rollers have been in my self care routine and they have so many benefits. We hold so much tension in our faces, a jade roller can help to relieve that tension and it usually clears that buildup of tension that might be collecting in one spot. Giving yourself a face massage, yes please. The crystals and stones you choose even hold specific energy if you’re into that sort of thing, like me.

Breathe work is the last but not least tip I’m sharing. I discovered breath work on my healing journey and I swear it will shock the hell out of you how much tension can be released in a breath work session. It shocked me. I felt healed on a physical emotional and mental level. Our breath holds the answers, and that really isn’t just a woo woo thing. Breath is what gives us life so it makes sense it cleanses and restores us too.

Hope this was helpful beautiful humans! See you next time.

This post may contain affiliated links. If a purchase is made using my link I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you

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