When did you stop trusting?

For me trust has been something I struggle with in all of my relationships.

In the past I always seemed to find the people that didn’t have the best intentions. Maybe I knew that trusting them was risky but my young self just wanted to see the best in everyone and it took me time to learn who should be trusted and who shouldn’t.

What happens if through the mistrust somewhere you stop trusting yourself?

That’s exactly what I’ve been facing these last few years….. how do I trust myself again? When did I stop trusting…. And why did I stop trusting.

When we experience trauma, sometimes it’s easier to blame ourselves or even others who may have harmed us.

It feels safe to shut off from the world, but we also shut off from ourselves in this process.

No one can tell you how to heal, but staying in a place of mistrusting yourself and the world is cold and lonely. I speak from experience, it was easy to be shut off… the hard part was realizing how long I had let myself go on like that. And making the decision to heal was enormously difficult but something else inside me knew I had to do this for me.

I couldn’t face that fear any longer, slowly I let it go… it hasn’t been easy and some days I still question myself but I trust that inner guidance that felt so far for so long.

It feels good to know I can trust myself.

I know when to walk away from something and I know when to leap and give it my fucking all. This is the gift we give ourselves when we come home to ourselves.

When we feel why this mistrust left in the first place healing can happen. Affirm you’re safe to yourself, feel it and let it consume you. I am safe, I am safe, I am safe….

When we feel safe we begin to trust again.

I want you to trust yourself. You are your compass and you have all the answers within you! lean into the uncomfortable and leap into the unknown!

I’m on this journey too, I’ll be cheering you on because I know how brave you are for choosing to go deeper with yourself.

Lean in baby you got this!

Published by divingdeepwithdd

Artist & Healer & Coach Expression and Healing physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually and every where in between is my life's mission. I am a guide/mentor, here to help anyone who is ready to create the life of their dreams. Are you ready for some high vibes, look out world here we come. I am excited to share my art and healing with you all! Always up for a conversation lets dive even deeper! email: divingdeepwithdd@gmail.com

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