Initiation into Transformation

What if before we reincarnate our souls make an agreement. Maybe a certain purpose we choose to fulfill, or maybe karma we are meant to face. Whatever the case we come here with a commitment and some of us follow the call and some of us miss it. once you follow the call, you alwaysContinue reading “Initiation into Transformation”

Trusting Yourself is Everything

This journey is long, the journey to self. It can be a lonely journey. It can be hard, but the one thing that will make the long, lonely hard moments easier is trust. Not only trusting God/Source/Universe and what is unfolding but trusting in ourselves. Why is trusting ourselves everything? It just is, because whenContinue reading “Trusting Yourself is Everything”

Accepting yourself

I would love to say I came out of the womb accepting myself, but that’s just not true. Maybe as children we all accept ourselves or maybe we came here with prejudgments. I’m not sure where it starts but I know it can be there very harshly for some of us and maybe even stayContinue reading “Accepting yourself”

When is it time to move on?

Endings can be devastating. It can be scary to start something new, but most of all saying goodbye to something you’ve been familiar to can feel like your losing apart of yourself. You thought that job would last but now you hate it, you thought that person was “the one” and the relationship starts toContinue reading “When is it time to move on?”

Meditation is Medicine

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness” Sakyong Mipham We hear it everywhere mindset is everything. Mindset helps you set goals and achieve them. It can get you past hard times in your life and even better it can create shifts in your life that before you never knew were possibleContinue reading “Meditation is Medicine”

Are you taking care of what is important?

No one knows the answer to this question “are you taking care of what you should be” except you, yourself. You know what your needs are, and another person really doesn’t know what you need. You know if you need rest, you know if you need affection, you know when you need to take actionContinue reading “Are you taking care of what is important?”

The Importance of Speaking Your Truth

We get this one life, this one body and this one voice. Only you have your voice. Only you have your gifts. Only you have your heart. You get to share with the world, all of that. What a disservice it would be to hide in the background of our lives. I feel like I’mContinue reading “The Importance of Speaking Your Truth”


When you think of the person you want to be in your life, what do you think of? Is it safe to take action to be this person? What if you can’t? What if you’re fear takes over…… When we question and doubt our abilities or who we can be or even who we are,Continue reading “Embodiment”

Reclaim Your Power

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for days. Every time I choose something to write about it shows up in my life so unapologetically. This post was harder because I realize how much I still give away my power at times. If you are like me you’ve been a peace maker most of yourContinue reading “Reclaim Your Power”