Four Steps to Start Creating ANYTHING

Some are born creators. They create masterpieces out of thin air. As children, I believe we are all creative and then as we get older we have to push down the creative flow and start “getting serious”. I envy those who have never lost their creativity but I am very grateful to have a processContinue reading “Four Steps to Start Creating ANYTHING”

Slowing Down Could Save You

Slowing Down Could Save You — Read on

How to Start Your Own Meditation Practice or Go Deeper on the One You Already Have

Meditation used to be something I said I would never do. Thank goodness that changed because meditation has truly transformed my life. What could meditation do for you? Or what has it maybe already done? I started meditating about 9 years ago, few years out of high school with stress levels that were continuously highContinue reading “How to Start Your Own Meditation Practice or Go Deeper on the One You Already Have”

Are you taking care of what is important?

No one knows the answer to this question “are you taking care of what you should be” except you, yourself. You know what your needs are, and another person really doesn’t know what you need. You know if you need rest, you know if you need affection, you know when you need to take actionContinue reading “Are you taking care of what is important?”